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our history

Our history

If there was one person destined to be drawn into the world of translation, it would be Leylak de Caupenne, who spent her formative years living in a number of different countries, in Europe and further afield! Multi-cultural by nature and fluent in four languages, translation was a natural choice for her.
Having begun her professional career within Alstom’s translation department and then playing an active role in the creation of a Translation Service for a Language Training School, Leylak decided to go it alone and established her own company.


_ Creation of the company

Thanks to Leylak de Caupenne’s experience at Alstom, the company rapidly gained some prestigious references in the energy and transport sectors, notably through various subsidiaries of the CGE (Compagnie Générale d’Electricité).


_ Increasing business volumes

Our growth allowed us to expand our services to cover various new technical and scientific fields, not forgetting specific areas such as legal, financial and administrative translations. The company moved, for the first time, to house a larger number of employees.


_ Technological innovations

The team turned an important corner by adopting Computer-Aided Translation software (CAT) when it was still in its earliest years. This led to the company being selected by AREVA and EDF to handle the translation of all documentation relating to the European Pressurized Water Reactor, the EPR. This was the first project comprising many millions of words to be translated by the company!


_ Creation of an IT department and hiring of a graphic designer

This operation was the foundation stone for our highly effective document engineering department.


_ Conclusion of major framework contracts

Framework contracts signed with Renault Trucks, Irisbus & Potain! Thanks to an approach based on service quality, transparency and fair pricing (by using CAT software); by its tenth birthday the agency had become one of the largest organisations in its field. The expert use of CAT tools, along with other complex computerised tools, gave the agency a head start.


_ Exceeding 1 million Euros turnover

By now, the company had become more structured, with 7 employees including project managers, translators, a graphic designer and an accountant.


_ Optimised organisation

The company launched into a new phase with the arrival of Emeric de Caupenne. He took over responsibility for the financial aspects of the company, allowing Leylak to commit fully to business development.


_ Creation of a Paris office

To be as close as possible to the head offices of the large groups with which Caupenne & Co. was working, we opened our Paris office. The company continued its development and was awarded a framework contract with GDF SUEZ and its subsidiaries.


_ Caupenne & Co. celebrates its 20th anniversary!

20 years of experience are certainly something to celebrate: which is what the team, our partners and our clients did… quite literally all in the same boat! With a constant eye on future technology, the company adopted the use of TPBox, a collaborative project management and development platform. Secure workflow, rapid access to information… reduced time spent communicating and simplified processes for all!


_ ISO 9001 certification

In January 2015 the company was awarded its ISO 9001: 2008 certificate – the result of a full year’s work aimed at improving procedures across the entire company. Another commercial success story was the awarding of the Siemens France market.


_ Caupenne & Co. expands

The company set itself up with SDL Groupshare, a collaborative platform designed to allow up to 11 translators to work simultaneously on the same project, using the same Translation Memory.
Undergoing rapid expansion, the agency now has 9 employees and continues to follow its path by moving its head office into new premises at the end of 2016, with space for an ever expanding team and opening up a new era of translation!