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our partners

Our partners

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Alone or in a group? Experts in everything or not? Within Caupenne & Co. we believe that the law of attraction extends to the world of business, that like minds attract. Accordingly, we have put together a network of experts: perfectionists and efficient in their complementary fields, we take pleasure in recommending them and may call on them to participate in the development of your projects.

_ artenium

artenium – brand design and consultancy

The agency works with companies and industrial groups in the production of their marketing and communications strategies. We can create and put together a brand design and create points of contact with your clients, through digital or print media.

An agency with more than 15 years of experience at the forefront of markets and trends, we are constantly developing new tools and new methods, such as the “Arc of Confidence”(c) and the e-Run marketing content pack. We cultivate creativity, the DNA of our agency, through regular meetings – Creative Nourishment.

artenium was created through the wish to create brands, to advise and to lead. The aim, beyond simply providing a service to the customer, is to improve the performance of the companies we support. artenium’s graphic signature is deliberately sober, transparent, coloured but efficient. We attach a great deal of importance to the details, to creativity and the constant search for excellence.

_ bb&b

bb&b is one of the leading b2b consulting agencies in the field of industrial marketing and communications.
Specialists in international affairs, bb&b frequently call upon Caupenne & Co. for its expertise in technical translation. bb&b is based in Paris.

_ StartingFrance

StartingFrance is a German specialist for French publishers and manufacturers of technical and computer products. Whether you are a small business with just a handful of employees or a larger group with 500 staff, StartingFrance can help you develop direct sales to German enterprises and authorities, and can help you develop a network of German distributors.

_ World Trade Center Lyon

Operating from the Part Dieu business district in Lyon, on the top floors of the Tour Oxygène, the World Trade Center – Lyon is a site designed to support all types of local or visiting businesses.

With functional, well-equipped and spacious offices, the World Trade Center – Lyon can also provide top of the range reception rooms and conference facilities, offering an unbeatable view over Lyon. In addition, newly formed or established enterprises may use the exceptional address provided by the Tour Oxygène for hosting. Finally, the organisation’s Business Club offers a new opening for professionals wishing to share their enthusiasm for international trade.

_ La cocotte à papiers

“La cocotte à papers” provides cardboard containers or baskets designed to collect all types of paper (newspapers, magazines, envelopes, directories, mail, etc.), with pre-defined procedures and frequencies for collection, and provides, in return, waste management documentation, giving the weight of the paper collected.

“La cocotte à papiers” undertakes the disposal and destruction of your data, by shredding, in accordance with DIN3 standards (standards covering the destruction of paper to render it unuseable).

By improving the recycling of paper and cardboard, your enterprise can respond to the ecological and economic imperatives required for sustainable development.

CNET member

_Chambre Nationale des Entreprises de Traduction (The National Chamber for Translation Companies) (CNET)

The CNET is a professional body, established in 1976 by a small number of owners of Translation Agencies, wanting to improve the image of the profession given to users.

The CNET is one of the seven founder members of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC), itself founded in 1994, uniting the national associations for Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain and Hungary. The creation of this organisation was a response to the setting up of a European Translation Platform by the European Commission DG XIII.

The CNET, through its membership of the EUATC, plays an important role on a European scale, and participates in debates, discussions and actions involving representatives of the profession (FIT, CIUTI, EST, SDT, etc.).

SDL LSP Partner

_SDL LSP partnership

The SDL LSP Partner Program is a strategic business innovation for Language Service Providers (LSPs). The SDL LSP Partner Program is open to all language service providers of any size world-wide which brings a host of benefits to allow you to strengthen your presence within the translation supply chain.