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Quality of communications and accuracy of documentation transmission

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If your international performance is founded upon the quality of your communications and the accuracy of the documents you produce, follow the example of many other large industrial clients, intermediate-sized companies and SMBs and trust us with your translation projects. Engineering, aeraulics, automation, assembly work, machine tools, casting, domestic electrical equipment, clothing, insulation and general mechanical engineering are just a few of our specialist fields.

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The service you have provided has been first class and always completed in a timely manner. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and everybody involved at Caupenne & Co. Hopefully we can continue with this collaboration for future projects.
6 December 2016, SMS Concast AG (Suisse)
I know that the highest (and lowest) marks are generally not taken into account when making statistics, but I am personally satisfied at 100% by Caupenne since all staff members are really customer oriented and, first of all, hard workers!
31 octobre 2016, ABB Spa (Italie)
A very friendly team, 100% responsive, perfect, my congratulations on your professionalism, which these days is extremely rare!
17 November 2014, LX France