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logistics transportation


Two complementary, yet highly specific, professional fields

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Two complementary, yet highly specific, professional fields, for which we use the services of highly qualified translators, interpreters and engineers. From urban transportation (train, tram, bus, funicular) to private transport (cars, motorcycles); from road haulage (HGVs) to rail transport (trains, high-speed trains) and from maritime transport (merchant and military) to the wider field of logistics, our experts are ready for your projects.

_ Statements

I would like to thank you for having upheld your commitments and for the quality of the documents we have received.
After initial proofreading, there were no specific comments to make whatsoever, both in terms of terminology and when it came to the overall quality of the translation. The project was not a straightforward one for less well-informed people and I appreciate the high quality of your services and hope for a continuing close cooperation between yourselves and Alstom.
20 February 2012, Alstom