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Educational programmes, scientific and university publications, websites, contractual documents covering exchange programmes… there are many different fields and our translators are selected to match your specific requirements.

_ Statements

Thank you for your work, we wouldn't hesitate in contacting you again.
14 December 2018, Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Energie Environnement
Please could you let me know the name of the person who translated our project from French to English?
We are very pleased with their work and would like to request this translator for our next projects.
15 October 2018, Fondation de France
Everything ran like clockwork, the interpreter was perfect! Thank you for your help and a huge thank you to the interpreter for her work. I won't hesitate in contacting you again if needed.
22 May 2017, Science Po University
Everything has been sent to print, thank you for your valuable imput.
3rd May 2017, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Huge thanks for the quality of all your services provided to IMU to date, across all areas but with particular reference to the trusting and high-quality client contact.
27 March 2015, LabEx IMU