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Our team

A team made up of complementary skills

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Caupenne & Co. is, above all, a team: the founder of the company, Leylak de Caupenne, along with her expert personnel, with a wide range of complementary profiles.

_ Fourteen in-house personnel

The Caupenne & Co. team is made up of Project Managers, a Technical Coordinator, Translators & Terminology Experts, a Commercial Assistant and an Admin & Finance Manager.
Our in-house team manages projects, supervising and approving the work involved and coordinating terminology for our external translators.

  • Leylak

    Leylak de Caupenne

    Fondatrice et Dirigeante // Founder and Managing Director

  • Emeric_Photo_Site

    Emeric de Caupenne

    Directeur administratif et financier // Admin. & Finance Manager

  • caupenne-and-co-Caroline

    Caroline Lagrève

    Responsable de production // Production Manager

  • caupenne-and-co-Julien

    Julien Joannon

    Responsable Grands Comptes // Key Account Manager

  • Erwan

    Erwan Gay

    Chargé de mission en Recherche et Développement // Research and Development Project Officer

  • Claire_Photo_Site

    Claire Pierry

    Responsable Développement Commercial // Business Development Manager

  • caupenne-and-co-Cindy

    Cindy Guri

    Key Account Manager & Vendor Manager

  • Mélanie_Photo_Site

    Mélanie Cuisset

    Chef de Projets // Project Manager

  • Fanny_portrait_250X250px

    Fanny Lutaud

    Chef de Projets // Project Manager

  • Ambre_Photo_Site

    Ambre Soubeyrand

    Chef de Projets // Project Manager

  • David_Photo_Site

    David Chapman

    Traducteur, Post-éditeur, Réviseur Senior // Senior Translator, Post-editor, Revisor

  • Claire L_Photo_Site

    Claire Lachaux

    Traducteur, Post-éditeur, Réviseur Senior // Senior Translator, Post-editor, Revisor

  • Florence_Photo_Site

    Florence Matagne

    Assistante Commerciale // Commercial Assistant

  • Sandrine_Site

    Sandrine GIRAUD

    Assistante Comptable // Accounting Assistant

_ An active network of more than 500 partners

Undergoing constant expansion, our network is made up of experts selected for their skills and fields of expertise. Engineers, scientists, legal and financial experts, journalists, translators, terminology experts and specialist interpreters, they are all highly qualified in their fields. These translators work exclusively into their mother tongue and provide a worldwide network of expertise and resources.