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our approach to quality

Our approach to quality

The human factor plays an essential role in our approach to quality

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Proof of our commitment and the importance we put on our approach to quality, our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified.

_ The quality of translations

At Caupenne & Co., we offer a range of value-added intellectual services, in which the human factor plays an essential role in the quality of the results.

For this reason, our project managers, translators, graphic designers and interpreters have been selected using rigorously applied criteria, based on level of education, professional experience and technical expertise.

The quality of any translation or interpretation mission essentially depends on the skills of the translator or interpreter.

Technical mastery, stylistic skills, an understanding of your business and your specific requirements…all are critically important when it comes to providing a quality translation, meeting all your needs.

Thus, over the years, we have put together a network of more than 300 translators and interpreters, all working towards their own mother tongue, and all selected for their skills and fields of expertise: engineers, scientists, legal and financial experts, journalists, terminology experts, etc.

Finally, the quality of a translation is also based on strict working methods, the application of documented processes and the correct use of high-performance tools.

_ A proven translation methodology

All documents for translation are evaluated using our CAT tools, with the results taking into account any repetitions and already-translated segments in the translation memories for the various language combinations. Your translations are then saved to a customer-specific database, thus allowing us to make the most of your expertise and terminology, and to assure the quality and uniformity of your translations, whilst reducing costs and lead times.

_ Expertise in the field of translation

Our experience and prestigious references in the fields of technical translation, legal translation, the translation of administrative and financial documents, and of communications documents, are an important measure of our reliability.

_ ISO 9001 certification

As proof of our commitment and the importance we place on quality, the Caupenne & Co. Quality Management System has been certified ISO 9001:2008 compliant by Bureau Veritas – Certificate No. FR020645-1.