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Un projet ?

Besoin d’une estimation rapide et réaliste ?

Regardless of the type of project, Caupenne & Co. applies the same level of careful attention to each and every one of its clients and is committed to managing the entire project, using a proven methodology.

_ Accurate evaluation

Using highly efficient tools, we can accurately evaluate the documents to be translated, taking into account repetitions within the documents and phrases already translated during previous projects, for all language combinations. Based on this evaluation, a technical dossier is established, defining requirements, methods, delivery deadlines and scheduling.

_ Suitable resources

Your documents, in the format of your choice, are handled by a single, dedicated project manager, your privileged point of contact with our company. A team is put together, with a translator for each language combination, all of whom are specialists in your field. If required by the project, multiple translators may be appointed to work on a single language combination. Thanks to the real-time sharing of translation memories, the consistency and uniformity of your translation is guaranteed.

_ Responsiveness

To meet your requirements, our internal and external partners are all equipped with networked Computer-Aided Translation tools. These tools allow us to record your expertise and terminology, whilst reducing lead times and improving the quality and uniformity of your translations.