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audio-visual communications

Audio-visual communications

Involves the coordination of several complementary resources and services

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Audio-visual translation, or the translation of audio and video media, requires the coordination of a number of complementary resources and services. A number of steps are required to achieve the final result: transcription, translation and adaptation, the embedding of subtitles or voice-overs.

_ What sort of projects?

Corporate/business, institutional videos, presentations or promotional films, recordings of conferences, professional events and trade shows.

_ What format?

All types of video and audio media.

_ Who will be undertaking the work?

If a script has not been supplied, we will complete the transcription work ourselves, for all languages. This transcription work is undertaken by a translator or graphic designer working in their own native language. The translation and adaptation work is undertaken by specialist translators.
The embedding of subtitles is carried out by a video technician. Voice-overs are provided by actors, in their own native tongue, using a recording studio under the direction of an audio technician.
You may choose the voice you require (female or male) or a suitable accent (British English or American, Castilian Spanish or Latin-American, etc.) from a database of voices and a number of languages.