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business communications

Business communications

Enhancing your brand image and making headlines

Un projet ?

Besoin d’une estimation rapide et réaliste ?

Enhance your company image and create publicity around the world by trusting us with the translation of your advertising and communications projects! Caupenne & Co. will get your message across.

_ What sort of projects?

Websites, advertising brochures, newsletters, company magazines, press releases, marketing presentations, new product presentations, promotional materials or any other communications documents.

_ What format?

We work with a wide range of software, capable of providing you with translations in various formats, including: InDesign, QuarkXPress, HTML, as well as various audio and video formats.

_ Who will be undertaking the work?

To undertake these strategic missions, we have developed a specialist network of experienced translators, copywriters and journalists: writing skills, technical know-how and relevant cultural background guaranteed!

_ Translation memories: an advantage for the customer

Thanks to our Document Engineering Department, each of your translations is used to feed an individual database for each client. This information is then used to reduce your future costs and lead times.  Find out more…