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Simultaneous conference or liaison interpreters

Un projet ?

Besoin d’une estimation rapide et réaliste ?

We can provide multilingual support for your major events and international relations through our network of simultaneous and consecutive interpreters.

_ What sort of projects?

Simultaneous interpretation

Conferences, sales meetings, congresses, European committees, board meetings, business meetings, etc.

Consecutive (liaison) interpretation

Commercial negotiations, factory tours, promotional meetings, audits, etc.

_ What type of approach?

Working closely with your project management team, we study the most suitable approach for any given context. A turnkey solution will be offered: from the selection and coordination of interpreters to the supply and organisation of audio equipment, not forgetting the written translations of any support material.

_ Who will be undertaking the work?

Conference Interpreters. To assure this type of project, we select the best specialists in your particular field from our network of interpreters.