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Simultaneous conference or liaison interpreters

Un projet ?

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We can provide multilingual support for your major events and international relations through our network of simultaneous and consecutive interpreters.

_ What sort of projects?

Simultaneous interpretation

Conferences, sales meetings, congresses, European committees, board meetings, business meetings, etc.

Remote interpreting

Caupenne & Co. offers remote interpreting solutions no matter how many languages are involved, while meeting the security and confidentiality standards required by companies.
Remote interpreting is the perfect solution for organizing your meetings remotely, reducing the organizational, logistics, travel and accommodation costs.

Consecutive (liaison) interpretation

Commercial negotiations, factory tours, promotional meetings, audits, etc.

_ What type of approach?

Working closely with your project management team, we study the most suitable approach for any given context. A turnkey solution will be offered: from the selection and coordination of interpreters to the supply and organisation of audio equipment, not forgetting the written translations of any support material.

_ Who will be undertaking the work?

Conference Interpreters. To assure this type of project, we select the best specialists in your particular field from our network of interpreters.