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legal administrative and financial translation

Legal, administrative and financial translations

The translation of a text must be an exact transposition of the source.

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The translation of a text must be an exact transposition of the source. This statement is of the utmost importance in the fields of legal, administrative and financial translation. Every single point must be clearly understood and interpreted for re-transcription into the target language; otherwise the document loses its value.

_ What sort of projects?

Contracts, litigation, tender responses, financial reports, administrative records, articles of association, expert reports, certifications, applications for approval and all other official documents.

_ What format?

We can work from a number of different supports, including MS Office, PDFs, and many other more complex sources.

_ Who will be undertaking the work?

The translations are undertaken by translators who specialise in the legal and financial sector; your work is monitored and validated throughout the entire process. The translations can, if required, be certified by a sworn translator, legalised and stamped.

_ Translation memories: an advantage for the customer

Thanks to our Document Engineering Department, each of your translations is used to feed an individual database for each client. This data and these translations are then used to reduce your future costs and lead times.  Find out more…