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translation of websites

Translation of websites

Providing translations of the highest quality.

Un projet ?

Besoin d’une estimation rapide et réaliste ?

Your website is the showcase of your expertise, promoting your image worldwide. A number of intertwined skills, both linguistic and technical, are required to provide a translation of the highest quality.

The translator must be an expert in your technical field and have a clear understanding of the culture of your company, whilst also having excellent writing skills.

_ Who will be undertaking the work?

Your project will be looked after by a specialist project manager, experienced in the management of multilingual localisation projects. The translation work will be undertaken by native speakers, specialising in your technical field and with excellent writing skills.
In conjunction with your web hosting services provider, we can handle the integration of your multilingual content across various platforms, and will proofread and verify the contents before they are officially made available online.

_ What format?

We work with a wide range of software which allows us to localise your website through formats such as html, xml, xhtml or directly through your CMS.

Your projects are handled with the help of translation engineering methods. We use CAT tools which take into account word repetitions, therefore reducing costs and shortening delivery dates.